Package request

If you find a useful package that was in Leap 42.3, but is not in Leap 15 how do you make a feature recommendation?

I did find the package in a community build. So, I’m not looking for how to locate the software.

If the package was dropped for Leap 15, this mostly means it’s unmaintained upstream. You could try to get in touch with the packager in OBS and ask him/her to buiild it for Leap 15 too, and … you could login on OBS with your openSUSE credentials, branch the package and see if it builds for Leap 15.
And, you could create a bugzilla report, and make a feature request for adding the package to Leap 15. That won’t happen for 15.0, since the distribution itself is already frozen.

Thanks. I know it builds because I found it here:

It was just a community package.

Since I got few responses on this am I to understand that future improvements to the next release are to be posted in bugzilla? Do I place them under Leap 15.1?