Package of the day - uvcvideo-KMP

So last year there were a few users who where having video images flipped on there systems, seems the web cameras can be installed upside down. Fortunately my ASUS 1000HE netbook didn’t have this issue.

So there is a patch available to flip the video image which I had added to a KMP (kernel module package) for the last few kernel releases but hadn’t updated for 11.4.

Time for Webcam Inverted image on Eee PC to appear…

Simple (I thought), update the patch and build which I did, tested on the netbook and video flips so published the update here; Search Results

Now if you have read the above thread, it wouldn’t install, the only way was to rebuild from the src rpm locally. I need to talk with some of the kernel devs to see if maybe it’s an issue with that particular webcam and PCI ID 13d3:5111 as I add a ‘Supplements’ list in the rpm spec file.

So the moral is, if this one doesn’t install for you, rebuild from src…

Thanks Malcomlewis for helping and contributing with many packages. It is MOST appreciated.

In this case, if one does have to rebuild, after downloading (but not installing) uvcvideo-0.1.0-6.1.src.rpm, do you recommend users install kernel-source, gcc, make and then run this command (as a regular user):

rpmbuild --rebuild uvcvideo-0.1.0-6.1.src.rpm

… where I’m guessing that the dependency checking you placed in the src file you created will tell users of the dependencies they are missing, which they can install and then try that command again?

Correct, it will tell the user what is needed :slight_smile: The resulting rpm’s will then reside down in /usr/src/packages/RPMS which need to be installed as root user.

Now, with the later kernels, after a kernel update the previous module will be placed in an area called ‘weak-updates’ and continue to function until the user decides to update.