Package of the day - gnome-shell-extension-weather

In my ever ending search for gnome-shell extensions, I came across this one on github;](

It was easy to package as it had Makefiles etc rather than having to create from just the extension.js, metadata.json and stylesheet.css (and maybe a schema).

This one needs some info added via dconf-editor from the yahoo weather page, so ensure you have dconf-editor installed;](

So you need to go to Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News enter you zipcode/location and then hover you mouse pointer over the RSS Feed button (Top Right) then check your location code via the status bar info (Bottom Left) in my case USMS0068…

So now press alt-F2 enter dconf-editor <press enter> and browse the tree to weather and enter your information as required, the location code is entered in woeid (See following image)](

You should now be good to go, so restart your shell, alt+F2 r <press enter>

Package is available here; Search Results

Please note that these packages (and my other home repository extensions) will move soon to GNOME:Apps :slight_smile:

I like your package of the day posts. Very informative. Thanks.

I guess now I have to remove my ConkyForecast repo? :frowning:

Good work as usual.


I don’t have to remove anything. All my conky widgets show up after changing them all to “own_window_type desktop

I am One Happy Camper…

Here’s 34 more extensions:

hi.there is a easier way to get WOEID Info
And then use :-
gsettings set woeid 1062617

Hey malcolmlewis,

You’ll build you a package from ‘gnome-shell-extension-weather’ for GNOME 3.2?

Greetings Linuxsusefan

Unfortunately the code has not been updated for 3.2.x yet :frowning: I think some extension developers are waiting to see what happens when is available which is how extensions will be controlled;


ah OK, thanks for your answer.

I am familiar with from package building unfortunately not, but I see on the github_simon04 the package is available for GNOME 3.2. I proceeded to install instructions and can now also available in the ‘G:Tweak-Tool’, can enable/disable the→ ‘gnome-shell-extension-weather’ → it now works with GNOME 3.2 … :slight_smile:

Greetings Linuxsusefan