Package of the day - gnome-shell-extension-wallpapers

Wow, almost a month since I posted, don’t worry have been busy helping the Gnome packagers with updates/fixes :wink:

So I spotted a post on the gnome-shell mailing list on another extension which looked worthwhile packaging up.

Change wallpaper extension

It’s good to see git hub being used as it’s an easy download of the tarball, plus can push updates/fixes through.

The first time I tried to build there were some errors in the Makefile, specifically missing the url for the extension, seems if there is no url in the metadata.json file, it won’t load…

So I forked the extension to my own github repository, fixed the files and pushed them back along with creating a patch file for the rpm. Nice to see a quick response from the extension developer to say the changes where merged :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot so you can either use local images of pick some direct from deviantart](

The deviantart images are saved in ~/.local/share/wallpapers, the others are from /usr/share/backgrounds and wallpapers as well as any in ~/Pictures.

The extension is available here; Search Results

Enjoy :slight_smile:

PS, there are more extensions in my repo, which hopefully will get it’s own place on OBS soon…

Just an update after pushing some changes and comments to the developer of this extension, a gschema has been added so you can add your local search paths.

Fire up dconf-editor and browse to;
org-gnome-shell-extensions-wallpapers and edit the folders as required :slight_smile:](