Package missing after repository maintenance

After the latest repository maintenance by opensuse, the package plasma5-session is now gone.
Which I had installed from the latest Framework/Plasma 5 repository.

It is now only in the OpenSUSE OSS repository and it will have me to downgrade plasma5-session from 5.10 to 5.8.
That is quite a downgrade.
Why is plasma5-session gone? Was it on purpose or accident?

You can see for yourself;

Hover of the unresolvable…

And this one to read:

That is not the plasma5-session pakcage

Files could not be expanded: openSUSE:Factory/plasma5-session: package ‘plasma5-session’ does not exist

Hovering over Leap42.2 repository on the plasma5-frameworks package says:

nothing provides needed by libkwalletbackend5-5

I did get this conflict while trying to update, but was able to ignore it.

There seem to be a few… you will need to wait for the Maintainers…

If you search for plasma-session and look at the factory build results;

plasma5-session is part of the plasma5-workspace (5.11.0) package now, not a separate package.

Not sure if ignoring was a good idea?

Well maybe its time to upgrade to Leap 42.3 which doesn’t have this problem.

Leap 42.3 still has the plasma5-session package in addition to plasma5-workspace-5.11

There is not much in the plasma5-session package
djviking@:~/> rpm -ql plasma5-session

I can update my Leap 42.2, so long as I choose
Not install gpgmepp5-16.08.3-37.10
Not install libksane-lang-17.08.2-2.1
Not install kdebaseuntime-17.08.1-1.6
Not install libkdepimlibs4-4.14.10-24.13
And plasma5-session I can just keep as it is and not downgrade.

If this update goes fine, I will later this weekend upgrade to Leap 42.3. Gonna first start some games in Steam to check if they are working and then recheck that they still works after on Leap 42.3.