Package Manager: The connection was refused

Recently this message keeps popping up

“Package Manager: The connection was refused
server database mysql51:|] valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)”

Stock Standard 11.1 install.

Assistance appreciated

If you are trying to update, I feel your pain.
When I first started with OpenSuse I got major hangs with the update manager, a real pain in the @#%.
Can you describe to us what you were trying to do though?
I seen this error myself a few times, sometimes the package manager goes suck on me.
Its one of my major gripes with OpenSuse

Quit the updater (I choose not to start it at boot) - Run Yast - Online Update

What is the leading cause of update manager failure anyhow?
Doesnt Opensuse auto detect the closest working server like Ubuntu?
I know on Ubuntu I can edit the sources if I need too, and I know its possible to do on openSuse, but is there a centralized secondary server for one to use if the promary one doesnt work?

We would need to see a

zypper lr --details

Make sure IPv6 is disabled too

How does one ensure IPv6 is disabled?

Disable IPv6 - openSUSE Forums

My apologies I was away.

I used Yast to update and the problem seems to have gone away.

Many thanks to all for the help