Package management

I’m not sure where this post belongs but I’ve got 2 comments regarding package management:

  1. Display a metric for progress completed, not just a % (which from my experience installing doesn’t seem all that accurate anyway) What I mean is: pkg 4/14 or something, just some indication of how much is left.
  2. A time estimate would be nice. I realize this is difficult given that each package is installed after being downloaded but it’s not impossible.

Overall, I really like openSUSE. I just came from Ubuntu because I was tired of using GNOME and Kubuntu still doesn’t have great KDE4 support. Ubuntu definitely has an advantage over openSUSE in terms of package management but openSUSE definitely comes across as a little more polished and professional. The install hands-down goes to openSUSE and openSUSE killed Ubuntu in detecting and installing for my hardware straight out of the box.

If anyone knows another place where I could give this recommendation, please let me know. Just want to improve the experience for others.

  1. Display a metric for progress completed, not just a % (which from my experience installing doesn’t seem all that accurate anyway) What I mean is: pkg 4/14 or something, just some indication of how much is left.

YaST somewhat does this already. Up top it starts with the total number of packages, and the size of the downloads. As those are completed, the number goes down. It has a total at the very top, and below it a list of repositories and the number of packages for each repository.

  1. A time estimate would be nice.

YaST does show me an estimate, but again that varies so much. One repository might be considerably faster/slower than another. I occasionally hang on one package, only to have the others fly by.

One nice thing about openSUSE is there is more than one front end to rpm. So while YaST and zypper work really well on openSUSE, one is not compelled to use them. One can also use Smart package manager, which by the way does give a metric.

IMHO that often the beauty of Linux (and not just openSUSE) is the tremendous choice there is to do many things.

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Yeah I know what you’re talking about with the metrics at the top and those are fine. Why isn’t that available during updates though?

Agreed on the point that the beauty of linux is choice. My issue wasn’t to debate the failings of openSUSE or of linux. I love both. I was just trying to suggest an improvement, so far, this idea seems only half-implemented (with regards to updates). Perhaps there’s a technical reason why they can’t give this sort of information? (I can’t imagine why not)

I’d make a post on the bugzilla, or in the wiki. I don’t know that developers really check the forums.

Haha yeah, especially not the ‘soapbox’ forum. :smiley:

I started a Wiki entry with the suggestion for you.

Ideas/11.1 - openSUSE

I need to expand it later. Check it out, make changes, leave feedback, etc.

Looks great, thanks!

On an unrelated note: have you ever felt that the package manager installs unnecessary apps? For example: Sunbird. I was installing some basic library package (I can’t remember which) but it also installed Sunbird. I can’t think of anything I use which would require Sunbird as a dep. Just adds to everything seeming really bloated with openSUSE. I’m installing the KDE Development pattern right now and it’s requiring ~500MB. Nice. I’ve definitely had to download over a gig since I’ve installed openSUSE and I’m not convinced it’s all necessary.

By the way, that wiki has a lot of great ideas. openSUSE should consider something like what Ubuntu has with it’s brainstorm website. Ubuntu brainstorm

It would allow the devs not only to know what the users would like and suggest but also provide information on HOW MANY users want it. It would let them prioritize their development while also bringing the community together. It is a community distro so the users should have a better tool for contributing. Just a thought!

Thanks. Novell does have start @ Idea Pool

Development packages tend to be large. As for unneeded dependencies, I haven’t noticed them yet, but I’m sure there are some out there.

Thanks for letting me know! I’m still new to openSUSE. The biggest thing with switching distros is learning all the distro quirks and resources that are available.

For some reason, after logging out of KDE, when I log back in, it BRIEFLY loads the kdm, then kicks me back out to login. I’m in 3.5.9 trying to upgrade to KDE 4.1 right now and I feel like I should add, YaST in 3.5.9 is about 1 million times faster!!

I recommend you start a new thread on this. The title “Package Management” is not going to garner the attention you want.