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ey, im relatively new to linux, but been windowsing since 95, and thinking about moving out thanks to win h8 2. im old school, i prefer to manually download stuff and back them up locally. im pretty sure zypper has a ‘force install all *.rpm in folder, then fix broken’ command. like i said, im old school, i prefer doing stuff needlessly complicated over stupidly simple (not taking any stab at suse/linux, ill always take stabs at microsoft and google though). currently, im downloading the standard leap 4.3GB, but will try out susestudio once im used to the system. the download might take a night long, so theres no way i can be of any further help

are there sites like, where you search for packages, and it also lists dependencies. is there a suse version of synaptic package manager?

what is leap 42.1 based on? looking through a few rpm download sites, version 42.1 isnt listed as a distro

do these still apply?
i mean, if yast is a zypper frontend, will yast still keepfiles too? if not, are there other package managers that do that?

is dual booting possible with win7 using leap? doing a quick search doesnt show up and leap 42.1 posts

You can boot win7 and Leap yes.
You need to know if your machine is using UEFI and understand what is required if it is and what if it’s not.
To search for software
But I’d recommend gaining experience first

Leap is based on SUSE Linux - SLED, and SLES
It’s a mainstream Linux distro

Using Yast as your software manager is probably the best course of action as it’s designed for the system and you can use zypper in conjunction with it.

its legacy, non UEFI. thinking of replacing whats left of ubuntu with opensuse leap

ah, never saw that site, thanks for the heads up

so once yast finishes downloading and installing, the keeppackages edit still apply to yast or will it continue to delete the packages after?

As you might see for yourself once Leap is installed, by opening Yast2-Software and going to Configuration > Repositories, for each repository you enable you can tick a box labeled “Keep Downloaded Packages”.
I’m old school too, but never actually used that option, frankly; anyway the choice is there.

Dual booting with Win in legacy MBR mode should be straightforward, I bet if you replace Ubuntu the Leap installer will take care of dual booting by default, as it did on my test laptop.
Things might not be that easy with UEFI and Win10 though.

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