Package management in opensuse

hello there, i’m a new opensuse user. i’ve used for a long time ubuntu and i got used to his package management application, synaptic. My problem with opensuse 11.2 with gnome interface is that he doesnt have this application. Searching on the internet i found (tell me if i’m wrong) that the opensuse’s package management application is Zypper. But i didn’t find him in opensuse and i don’t know how to install it.
i tryed to use the programs that i thought that would download and install the programs in my computer, like Yast, but they didn’t find anything (amsn and songbird for exemple!)
Is Zypper in fact the application with the same function of synaptic to opensuse? if it is, how can i install it?

Zypper is command line. Zypper/Usage/11.2 - openSUSE

YaST does pretty much the same things (and more).

You should be able to find stuff in YaST -> Software management. Put it on ‘repository’ view, then search. When that fails, try here

Zypper is a CLI application, but unless and until you’re familiar with its options you’d probably be better off to go into YaST > Software > Software Management. What you can install depends on the repositories installed, don’t go overboard with too many as it will create problems.
To find a specific application, use webpin (google it) or the openSUSE build service (OBS).