Package madwifi under opensusefrom not loadable with RealPlayer

I want to load the package madwifi under opensuse from Index of /suse/11.1, but RealPlayer did not function correctly.
The reason why I want to use madwifi is that I cannot start my internet with opensuse 11.1 using motherboard from asus with the ethernet adapter from Atheros AR 8121/AR8113 PCI-E Version When I compile the delivered Linux drivers I got the failure message “Makefile:61: Linux kernel source not found”.
So I decided to take rpm from opensuse within madwifi.

How/Where can I get the corrosponding madwifi elsewhere?

Thanks for asaap reply.

I used madwifi up through opensuse 11.0 (I don’t install every opensuse version). With opensuse 11.3 that I am now using, I find that I no longer need madwifi. The support for the Atheros chips is in the kernel. I am pretty sure that the madwifi project has now been abandoned because the support is in the kernel.

My advice to you, is that you move to opensuse 11.3 and put madwifi behind you.

The message you are getting is because you don’t have the kernel sources installed. The madwifi build procedure has to use symbols that are defined in the kernel, so you at least need all of the kernel related header files. And if you get that working, you will need to recompile madwifi with every kernel update. Again, moving to 11.3 would be better - it makes life simpler when you don’t have to recompile madwifi after every kernel update.

On the RealPlayer issue - I am doubful that RealPlayer problems are related to madwifi. Hmm, RealPlayer was not part of a standard install with 11.3, so I am using a different player.

I seem to have a copy of “madwifi-0.9.4.tar.gz”, which was the most recent I ever found. If you still want that, I can try getting it to you. But, once again, I urge you to move to 11.3 and get beyond the need for madwifi.

You do know, that madwifi is for wireless adapters only?

Just a little addendum:

No quite, the last official release was some time ago, but madwifi still exists and quite a few things have happened in the meantime (some of which might also have gone into ath5k/ath9k development indirectly). - Trac

Still, madwifi is only a fallback (or “last straw”?) if ath5k/ath9k don’t work and compat-wireless also fails, but in most cases, madwifi won’t be better then (ymmv).

Well, there are “ready to use” packages in OBS, if one really wants or needs to use madwifi (madwifi, athinfo, madwifi-kmp-$FLAVOR).

Index of /repositories/driver:/wireless

Yup, this has nothing to do with openSUSE/madwifi but some crappy software using crappy ideas from a crappy OS (I won’t tell any names), where a file suffix is everything (and yes, there are some files ending on “.rpm” which is some RealMedia format, so RealPlayer thinks it should open anything called “rpm”, which on a RPM-based distribution of Linux gives you funny results).

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So in addition of “get rid of madwifi” one should also state “get rid of RealPlayer”.

See above, there is much more recent madwifi code around, however in most cases

this advice applies of course.

Still, the most important prerequisite is “you have a wireless card with atheros chip in order to use madwifi or ath5k/ath9k”, which obviously is not the case here.

If I use my “magic crystal ball” trying to extract, what we might be talking about here, I would say “atl1c.ko”.

This module was not (yet) part of the official kernel for 11.1 (it was added in 2.6.29 IIRC), but there are kmp-packages in OBS for that module.

(I should know, because I built/published them initially and someone else added them to his home repo before I deleted them in mine.)

Use to search for atl1c in openSUSE 11.1, don’t forget to let the search use home-projects, too.

With openSUSE >= 11.2 the module should be in the kernel.

Thanks. I appreciate the update.

Aha! So that’s where RealPlayer comes in. I don’t use that crappy operating system often enough to have noticed.

Yes, I’m glad to be free of it.