Package kit error when updating KDE

What does this message mean? Can’t KDE be updated at all or is it just this swedish dictionary?

PackageKit Error cannot-remove-system-package: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: rpmdbNextIterator: skipping h# 1022 Header V3 RSA/SHA256 signature: BAD, key ID 3dbdc284 error: package kde4-l10n-sv-doc-4.3.1-2.4.noarch is not installed

Whats the remedy?

“Totally new to Open Suse”

I think your rpm db is corrupted. You may try:

rpm --rebuilddb

I tried your advice and here is the result: (Translated from swedish)

fel: det går inte att skapa transaktionslås på /var/lib/rpm/__db.000 (Filen eller katalogen finns inte)

error: unable to create transaction lock on /var/lib
/rpm/__db.000 (File or folder does not exist)

If I use “sudo” another error is generated:

fel: rpmdbNextIterator: hoppar över h# 1022 Huvud V3 RSA/SHA256-signatur: BAD, nyckel-id 3dbdc284

error: rpmdbNextIterator: skip h# 1022 Head V3 RSA/SHA256-signatur: BAD, key-id 3dbdc284

Some serious error?

You can remove any stale files from /var/lib/rpm directory.

init 1
cd /var/lib/rpm
rm __db*
rpm --rebuilddb
init 5

I did a new installation from the Open Suse 11.2 live CD, this time without activating “KDE wallet”. I don’t know if this was the culprit but updates are now running smoothly without any error msgs.

Thanks for the help, Peter

I don’t think kwallet has anything to do with that.

syampillai wrote:
> I don’t think kwallet has anything to do with that.



Well, indirectly perhapes. When I used kwallet it interrupted the update applet asking for a password. I don’t know if my connection was peculiar about that, but updates have run flawless since I choosed to not using kwallet. Just a thought …