Package k3b-codecs

How come package k3b-codecs its only available for k3b version 2.0.2-13.8 from Packman repo and not for 2.0.2-18.1.2 from the openSUSE OSS repo ?
Has this package become obsolete or is it included in the k3b package from the OSS repo ?

Like amarok and other packages, k3b too comes as a “crippled” version from the openSUSE repos, due to legal matters. Forcing the codecs package to be used with the openSUSE version for example disables the audio conversion to some formats, though available in the codecs package. So, like libxine will only use libxine-codecs when running the Packman version, k3b can only use the codec package properly from the Packman version.

I understand the legal issue but to be honest i dont understand why Packman has an older version. Referring to the k3b-codecs package i dont burn audio/video cd/dvd`s, so i think i could live without it.



The release numbers have NO MEANING between repos

k3b-codecs release 13.8 though won’t install with k3b release 18.1.2

I believe the OP is correct though that he doesn’t need k3b-codecs if he doesn’t burn audio/video disks so it’s probably a moot point for him, otherwise just ‘downgrade’ to the k3b release 13.8 from the packman repo, doubt the opensuse 18.1.2 release does anything much the packman version can’t do anyway