Package is scheduled forever

I have a local OBS installation with one project that contains one package, one worker and the package is scheduled for hours. The scheduler is running and only logs

starting build service scheduler
reading old state...
  - changed_high
  - changed_low
  - changed_med
  - delayedfetchprojpacks
  - globalnotready
  - lookat
  - lookat_oob
  - lookat_oobhigh
  - projpacks
  - projsuspended
  - prpfinished
  - prps
  - remoteprojs
  - repounchanged
  - watchremote_start
calculating project dependencies...
have 1 inter-repo dependencies
sorting projects and repositories...
2017-09-12 15:05:47: [5403]  waiting for an event...

so where is the problem here? Is it the scheduler or the worker and how can I kick its butt?

I know that the package works because on a previous installation on another server it was able to build just fine.

(Actually I have 130 packages in this project and most of them build until the server gets into the state where it only schedules forever. So I removed all packages from the project and imported one single package.)

Could very well be related to the outage last week since it looks like it’s an API call to the openSUSE OBS hanging?

Is there some way to find that out (besides tcpdump or such)? The system shout be self-sustaining.

edit: note that we installed the server yesterday and configured it today, so everything is new

If you look through the logs, there should be some clues…

There are no clues in the logs, I can see in the dispatcher log that the scheduled packages are assigned to workers and the scheduler tells me what I can see in the WebUI: " building: 19, notready: 19, unfinished: 19"
Though “building” is a lie, there is nothing happening on the server. I have 8 idle workers on the server. The signd is a zombie, which concerns me, but rebooting does not change anything (it starts again as zombie).
The signer log tells me that it signed several packages and after a restart it tells me “waiting for an event”.

ok, I deleted the project, removed all distributions and configured everything from the start. Now it works.

Go figure… I wonder if it was related to when it was installed…