Package install questions

Hello everyone. I am preety new to openSuSe. I have notice a small annoying thing. After a fresh install of openSuSE (11.2 M7 now, but the same is for 11.1 x64) and then pen Yast, i get a list with alot of packages to be downloaded, including flash, java etc. But i dnt want ANY of this because some of them need 32 bit libraries. Can anyone help and tell me whar are thos packases ? Auto selected ?
Thank you

The update only updates software that is already installed on the system for the installation options you chose - it doesn’t install new software or update software from repositories outside the opensuse update repo.

You can choose not to update the system as part of the install by choosing/unchecking the automated install option on the initial install screen. This will allow you to skip the update after the network installation part of the install.

This will then skip updates and allow you to choose what to update after installation.
You can then further tell it to update system or security updates only.
Of course the updates are just that - changes since the initial build of the release you have installed.

ok, you do know that you have the option to NOT install all the
default packages…just, look here
the NEXT step after create your user (scroll down to the next green
slide) allows you to CHOOSE what software to install, and what to not

if you click the green “Install” button you get the DEFAULT
install…but, if you click “Change” you can un-select installing
anything with 32 bit libraries…(but, it is up to you to know which
are which)…

and, if this long list is coming AFTER you add the packman repo so you
can watch youtube…well, maybe there are ONLY 32 bit versions of some
of the software you want…so, what is the problem with that?

i’d guess trying to make a system with only 64 bit packages might be
difficult to impossible and have all the applications you elected to


Any distro has updates immediately after release.
Keeping a system 100% 64bit is (yet) impossible.
The Milestone releases are for testing purposes only. This means NOT for people new to linux. I don’t want to be rude, but the knowledge you expose in the post makes me suggest you stick to the stable release and switch to 11.2 when it’s ready. It will immediately have updates though…:wink:

Your M7 is gonna have even more updates. Just updated the laptop, 600 new packages.

Yeh dont use alphaware/betaware.
For you it might be better to try 11.1

Thank you all for your responses. I know i should stick to 11.1 but i’m to in loved with 11.2 even if it’s only a beta yet.
And i doscovered that is way to difficult to keep a 100% 64bit sistem YET.
Thank you !

JKoder wrote:
> And i doscovered that is way to difficult to keep a 100% 64bit sistem
> YET.

a fine discovery…