<package> cannot be installed due to missing dependencies

When trying to install package ncurses-devel using YaST Package Selector or zypper in a terminal, the installation program gives a missing dependency error message:
ncurses-devel cannot be installed due to missing dependencies
There are no installable providers of /usr/bin/tack for ncurses-devel-5.6-41.i586

However, I don’t know what /usr/bin/tack is supposed to be. I have searched for ‘tack’ in the Package Selector, but nothing has come up.

What am I missing?

tack is a terminfo action checker. It’s it’s own program and from the
oss repo. Try zypper in tack, then try your devel file.

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I tried a google search on usr/bin/tack for ncurses-devel-5.6-41.i586-

and got RPM Search ncurses-devel-5.6-41.i586.rpm which is may well be where you got ncurses-devel-5.6-41.i586- from;

and then a google search on usr/bin/tackand got
RPM resource /usr/bin/tack and it seems you are looking for tack-5.6-86.i586.rpm

so you need to get that seemingly, and install;

I guess forum members would advise you to use YaST to install; and either download tack-5.6-86.i586.rpm to a directory on your computer that YaST has been told about; or add the rpmfind.net as a source for YaST;

as always, post again if further clarification needed

Hi there.

Tack is in the main openSUSE repository but has a newer version number to that ncurses-devel is expecting.

In YaST look up “tack” and you should find it in the main repo. Install it and ncurses and when the warning about package dependencies comes up override it to install the packages anyway.

Let us know if that doesn’t work.

All along, yast couldn’t find tack. However, I finally found it in the oss repository at:
Index of /distribution/10.3/repo/oss/suse/i586
Once I had tack, all of the other dependencies were either met or could be downloaded automatically. Thanks for your help!