Own RPMs in AutoYaST

I’m reading the documentation on AutoYaST which I finally found here.

Section 4.5.2 discusses how to add a custom RPM to the installation media and be recognized by AutoYaST. However, it seems to be specific to sources which are merely direct copies of the CD to network storage.

What if we have a mirror of the openSuSE repositories? The directions stating “you have to add a file add_on_products to the CD1 of the main product” don’t apply. I don’t have a CD1 directory to add this to. My directory structure is /main_directory/suse/10.3/repo and /main_directory/suse/update.

If I add a directory with my own RPMs where would it fall and how do I incorporate it since I can’t use the method in the documentation?


And here I am already saying to ignore this as the answer was directly beneath the section on the CD based installation source.