Hi. i’m a newbie in opensuse. i am using an HP laptop with nvidia geforce 8200m g… after i installed opensuse 12.2, i downloaded and installed the driver for nvidia. however, when i restart my laptop, everything is OVERSIZED. the display size is at its minimum(640x350) and no other options available… can somebody please help me…

i downloaded and installed the driver for nvidia.

What was it like before you did that?

thanks for the reply… after installation and reboot it once, everything is ok. resolution is at normal settings. when i rebooted it again, the resolution changes to 640x350! no other choices available.

Examine /var/log/Xorg.0.log for clues as to what is happening. If you want to share it with us, then upload the contents to SUSE Paste

Post the link to it here. With this information, we should be able to advise further.

please tell me how to do it. as i’ve said, i’m a newbie to this…

you said you installed the driver? I asked you how?

ok …after i installed the opensuse 12.2 thru dvd, my screen is somewhat flickering. i’ve read that i need to download the nvidia driver for opensuse. so, i downloaded the ‘nvidia driver for 4xxx or older’. i have a nvidia geforce 8200m g. i was only guessing that mine belong to these driver since i bought my laptop 3 yrs ago. after i downloaded the driver, it prompted me to install. it was installed successfully so i did a reboot. after that, the flickering was gone. i reboot it again just to make sure that it was ok. when it was rebooted, everything was oversized. tried changing it in ‘display’ but there is no other options for resolution size, only “640x350”…

Am 30.10.2012 10:46, schrieb magblogis:
> geforce 8200m
For that you need the newest nvidia driver (the ones with G02 in their
name), not the oldest which is for ten years old nvidia cards.
Uninstall the driver you have now and install the newest one.

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thanks for the reply. will try to uninstall the old driver then install the new one.

I have a hp g60 with nvidia 8200mg
Works well with the proprietary driver
Maybe you did a mistake installing it.
Tell us how you installed the driver so
we can advice you correctly

I think Martin has established this already. The OP had installed the incorrect driver for his hardware.

Indeed .

lol! Apologies.lol!
Any howl, to the OP
I noticed the proprietary nvidia driver 310.14 (although is a beta work much better here. My laptop is an HP G60 with nvidia GeForce 8200M G
The certified nvidia driver 304.60 still gives me a blue tint in youtube flash video when hardware acceleration is enabled while the beta 310.14 is good.
There are tuts in the forum how to install it. Just do a search. If you can’t find it post back and we will try to figure it out for you the how to.

The link to the nvidia driver is NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Advanced Search
The link is for 64bit I don’t know your specs so if you are using the 32bit operating system just replace it with the right one .