Override files from src.rpm

Dear sirs and madams, can I have an ability to override one (or more) files from src.rpm archive, that I’ve previously got via appropriate service? This will be very nice feature, because sometimes files from src.rpms are not correct (especially I mean .spec’s) or user wants to add his custom patch, and it is not very comfortable to create packages and manage (e.g. update) them in future, if user has to unpack and upload all files manually.

Use osc and quilt from you local machine to manage patches/building etc.

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I already use them, but I want to have something like customizable priorities for source files. Fore example, I import a src.rpm, but author was not careful and forgot about some BuildRequire-s (e.g. gcc-c++), so package doesn’t build here. And I have to unpack src.rpm, upload here and monitor changes in new versions of src.rpm manually instead of basically adding custom .spec (that overrides src.rpm’s one) in addition to src.rpm-service.