Over looking the simple

I find it interesting how sometimes we over look the simple. I was working on my laptop and desktop this morning. I turned off my desktop computer, since I was leaving. I came back to my laptop and had an address to look up. Now my wireless stopped working but recognized my network; it kept asking for my password. ,

I type in my password-no connection. I try again, no luck. Restart, no luck. Re-update firmware no luck. My laptop battery dies, so I go into the office to connect to the Ethernet. No connection. At first I think something is wrong with my cards, but at the same time I look up to realize I turned off the router when I turned the other computer off.

A great brain surgeon said to the staff, who were under maximum stress because no mistakes could be made “slow down we are in a hurry.”

Plainly I say, sometimes we overlook the simple.

There’s an urban legend, that is close enough to the truth to have stuck around:

During the space race, NASA realised that they needed to be able to write in space. Millions of dollars were spent developing the ‘Space Pen’, which can now be bought as a novelty, for writing upside down or underwater.

The Russians, meanwhile, used a pencil.

I’m never with without my Pencil;)