Over 600MB of updates???

I recently tried to install Thunderbird direct from Yast2 via search and over 800MB of updates are automatically downloaded, along with Thunderbird. I am using 11.2RC2. Is it normal for the following updates to be included??

openSuse-11.2-Oss 694.09MB Packages=166
Medium 1 552.63MB Packages=160

Medium 1 88.38 Packages=2

Is this CORRECT??

If you are using RC2 yes this is probably going to happen more often then with the final.
Why are you using RC2 anyhow?

I bought the cd new in a Linux PC magazine. I have no cd burner, so I dont know how to get a newer version without one, or where I could get it. Give me some pointers since i am new to this linux distro thing. If getting a newer version helps since this version has crashed on me 3 times already, I am open to anything as long as it keeps this OS running and does not require any CD burning.

Too bad openSUSE 11.2 is not in the official openSUSE shop yet, especially for us in the US.
Without a CD burner your options are small, though there are some services that give out distros at certain prices.
You could try OS disc:
OSDisc.com - Linux - SUSE

$1.95 USD for a live CD, not too shabby.
Or if you really have no money to spend on it, you could go for Ubuntu and its Shipit option:

Ubuntu is fair for most.