Outlook increments Kontact invites by one hour

Microsoft Outlook increments Kontact invites by one hour.

It appears that Kontact and Microsoft Outlook process ical.ics invite times differently. According to an inside source at Microsoft, Outlook is looking for a flag in the ical.ics file that indicates if time is being send in daylight saving time (DST), or standard time. If the DST/ST flag is not present, Outlook assumes the time sent is standard time. Outlook also looks at the time zone. If the time zone indicates DST is active, and the time sent is in standard time, Outlook increments the time by one hour.

Kontact does not create a DST/ST flag for the ical.ics files it creates. Thus, all invite times I send to my Outlook clients are off by one hour.

I don’t know the ical.ics standard. Is Kontact not implementing an ical.ics standard, or is this DST/ST flag just an internal Microsoft standard?

IMHO Microsoft’s algorithm for determining DST is inefficient, and not logical. The algorithm relies on the receiver knowing the DST rules of the sender. The logical way is to send time as an offset to universal time. The receiver then adjusts time according to the local DST rules, without having to know about sender DST rules.

Do you try to tell MicroSoft to do this (or anything) in the correct way?

I am in contact with Microsoft about this.
Whether or not they do something about the problem has to do with the ical.ics standard. If the DST/ST flag is a ical.ics standard, then it is a problem for Kontact/KDE to fix. If this flag is an internal standard within Microsoft,then it will take quite a it of customer dissatisfaction to get Microsoft to correct their algorithm.

BTW: Folks living in the Pacific Time Zone can work around this problem by setting time to the America/Phoenix time zone for the duration of daylight saving time. Arizona stays in Mountain Standard Time year round, and Mountain Standard Time equals Pacific Daylight Time.

My question had more of a sarcastic meaning because you asked in this forum if MS does something wrong.

Too funny.

Sorry about the following rant. It will be short.

MS is all about the business model of closed source code.This model worked extremely well until the IT bubble of 2002-3. Now, closed source code has become a liability. The source isn’t as closed at MS would like. Far too many people know about its vulnerabilities, which has led to an explosion in malware directed at their OS.

The recent story about the office of his holiness the Dahlia Lama being infected with remote access terminal (RAT) malware underscores this vulnerability issue. The RAT, called GhostNet, infected at least 1,300 machines, in 103 nations. MS hasn’t told users how to detect, disable or delete this RAT. Further, it appears that this RAT was developed by intelligence agencies in the Peoples Republic of China. (A side note: The main stream media has not widely reported on this story. Do too many media executive own a too much MS stock resulting in bias?)

Rant over.

Where can I find the ical.ics specification?

How to specify daylight setting is already mentioned in the standard:

Searching the document rcf2455.txt reveals the following:


4.6.5 Time Zone Component

Component Name: VTIMEZONE

Purpose: Provide a grouping of component properties that defines a time zone.

Formal Definition: A “VTIMEZONE” calendar component is defined by the following notation:

 timezonec  = "BEGIN" ":" "VTIMEZONE" CRLF


              ; 'tzid' is required, but MUST NOT occur more
              ; than once

            tzid /

              ; 'last-mod' and 'tzurl' are optional,
            but MUST NOT occur more than once

            last-mod / tzurl /

              ; one of 'standardc' or 'daylightc' MUST occur
            ..; and each MAY occur more than once.

            standardc / daylightc /

            ; the following is optional,
            ; and MAY occur more than once



              "END" ":" "VTIMEZONE" CRLF

So it would appear that Microsoft is implementing the standard correctly, and Kontact is not. I submit a bug report.

Do you know if the people at Kontact got this sorted out? I am having a similar problem with a web app that generates ICS data.