Outdated repository

When I…

 sudo zypper refresh 

it reports among others

Repository 'Update Repository (Non-Oss)' is up to date.  

but when I

 sudo zypper up 

it reports

 Warning: Repository 'Update Repository (Non-Oss)' appears to be outdated. Consider using a different mirror or server. 

I am confused. How should I proceed?

I just ignore that “appears to be outdated” message. It just indicates that there haven’t been any recent changes in that repo.

I’m not currently using anything from the non-oss repo, so a lack of updates won’t be a concern. I think, with Leap 15.2, the only non-oss package I used was “opera”. And I haven’t yet needed opera with 15.3, so I didn’t install it.

Thanks for clarifying that.


Recently, I’ve begun using “zypper refresh –force” – haven’t had to use “zypper refresh –force –services” yet but, the day may well arrive …