Out Of Range Resolution KDE

Opensuse 13.1 64bit. nvidia card with nvidia driver (from their site) My computer was running fine. I was running an emulator to play old video games and trying to get it full screen the resolution went out of range, so I had to reboot it. but now, it keeps going into that high resolution so I can not access KDE to change it.
I treid running sax2 from init 3 but it does not exist any more. How can I reset the resolution for KDE without going into KDE?

First did you try advanced then safe mode boot?

Well all KDE user settings are always in ~/.kde4

Rename that directory and all goes back to default

Log into a terminal as yourself then

mv ~/.kde4 ~/.kde4.bak

Note the periods in front of kde4

then reboot that will get you back to a default desktop

I don’t know where that actually settings are but they are in .kde4 somewhere. Maybe someone else can locate the files more precisely

I actually found another easier solution in another thread:

Delete this directory ~/.kde4/share/apps/kscreen/ took me seconds and worked perfectly!

Thank you anyway!