OT: POLL Do you want RTX? Cross-website-post.

Hello,I heard from 1 of the people that do HW reviews that AMD was considering
implementing their very own RTX and looking at what people think of RTX.
I created a poll on LQ:
and in the past 23 hours have gotten 5 votes! :frowning:
I am posting to this forum and several other places in hopes of
getting a better turnout.
Thanks for you vote.
Please comment on the actual LQ poll page not this forum post.

Not a request for technical help. It will be moved to the ‘Community and Fun’ subforum.

Moved from ‘Hardware’ forum and open for posting again.

I’m sure NVidia’s RTX 20** line of cards are number-crunching monsters when used with CUDA or OpenCL.
The realtime-raytracing support is interesting, but I don’t need it for the kind of games I play.
Also, compared to my silent and PCI-powered GTX 1050, those new cards can get awfully hot and noisy.
A whole ’nother thing: the price tag. Ouch!

Thanks for your thoughts unix11.

It was brought to my attention that some people think that RTX in marketing jargon and/or that my poll is an attempt at forcing a technology upon companies.
Ray Tracing eXtensions is not jargon. It is a large portion of Nvidia’s GPU’s die space. You pay for it whether or not you use it.
As for forcing, that was never my intent. Nvidia has things, like physX and hairworks that AMD does not. Likewise the reverse is true for things like Vega’s HBM being used as a last level cache.

I only upgrade when my GPU is no longer supported.

My AMD GPU is 12 years old and more than enough and it does not need a cooling fan.

Gee, I sent my poll to the wrong audience. lol!

It was brought to my attention that other (FLOSS) implementations appear to have better performance http://brechpunkt.de/q2vkpt/ than Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

The poll should end tonight (in about 6 and 1/2 hours).
If you did not vote yet you still have a chance.