OSL 42.1 Install OK; Reboot Goes to "Operation System not found"

The title of the thread says it all but I’ll provide some additional details here.

I am trying to install OSL 42.1 on a Dell XPS 13 (L321X) that doesn’t support UEFI. I set the option to encrypt the installation and remove the XFS option so that the entire install is done in btrfs on top of LVM. The installer indicates that it will install the bootloader to the MBR and the process completes with no errors. The subsequent reboot dumps me out to a black screen that says “Operation System not found”. If I reboot into rescue mode, open the encrypted partition, mount it, chroot, grub-mkconfig, grub-install - I’ll get no errors but the reboot gets me into the same place.

I have also tried conducting an install creating a separate /boot partition and the same results are yielded. I have also flashed the BIOS to the most recent version Dell released and that didn’t change anything.

I downloaded a fresh ISO today and copied to USB via Rufus.

On the same laptop, I’m able to install CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, and Xubuntu with no issues. Any help in resolving my OSL 42.1 problem is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

BTW am NON-Technical,

Assumption_1: your “OSL 42.1” means openSUSE Leap 42.1

Assumption_2: you can work using Leap 42.1 terminal for commands.

These may assist :



With Assumption_2 believe grub2 default for 42.1 so IF grub not installed grub-mkconfig may not work.

Check on terminal try command : zypper info grub grub2
then IF grub2 shows Installed : Yes
then try command sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg