OSC: Build without connection to meta-server and with give a local-repo as an additional package source

My project was deleted from OBS due no maintenance. I decided to restart some of them, but I put it onto OBS only, when they got big audience/user base.
I need to build package without creating project on OBS and with pointing onto local repo store as additional repository to download other packages prepared by my.

How to achieve this?

@Lachu just undelete you project(s)? No you need the packages etc on a build service instance, create your own private one locally.

Setup a build environment with distrobox or toolbox and build/install the rpms there with rpmbuild.

I have found this tutorial:

But once I installed obs package from obs-server.ymp, step to install obs-api do not pass - dependency error.

Are there existing docket/distrobox/toolbox images contains setup obs?

And how to un-delete my projects?

@Lachu why install an unstable version? There are virtual machines and a docker image of the stable release: /repositories/OBS:/Server: - openSUSE Download

OBS suggest to access via web browser. I access it on host, but link provides to localhost with no path. I could even change localhost to IP address, but this is hard. How to configure this? By setting host name on guest and edit /etc/hosts to make host_name (guest) to pointing host ip?

Ok. It worked, but it stops after host system update (certificate is too weak). I update guest and test everything.

I disables certificate checking for my guest (in ~/.config/osc/oscrc). build.opensuse.org fill be still checked against valid key.

Problem is, when I type osc build, I got:

server returned an error: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
remote error: unknown repository type UNDEFINED

I look again into logs given thanks to --http-full-debug parameter and see, that server returned unauthorized in prior request. That odd, because commit changes works.

Also, when pressing on download button in repositories tab, when using a web browser, I got server 404 code.