OS13.2 + HP Mini 210 - various issues

Just got back from susecon '14, lots of cool people there. Have been supporting SLES11 for the past year and thought I might try OS as well. I put it on a Mini 210-2000, Atom w/ 2GB RAM, and the sound card is NM10/ICH7.
I can make the mini go to sleep by closing the screen. But, after opening the screen, the fan kicks back on and the display lights up, but nothing comes on the screen.
Also, after the first reboot, the wireless ran off. The driver is running, but I can’t get connected to the network. According to hardware information, it’s a bcm4313 802.11/b/g/n card.
I’d appreciate any help anyone can offer. :slight_smile:
Edit: I take it back, the screen doesn’t light up after opening the screen, but the fan does kick back on. If I close the screen again, the fan stays on and the machine doesn’t go to sleep.