[OS11][Gnome] Blurry, washed out bold fonts

Hello all.

I recently switched from Ubuntu to OpenSuse 11 due to better Mono support and so far everything works perfectly, except that most bold fonts tend to be very blurry and washed out. Not as smooth as I would expect and had using Ubuntu.


I found some other threads, both on the OpenSuse forums and mailing lists and other Linux distributions, but none seem to be able to solve the issue.

My graphics card is an nVidia GeForce 8800GTS and I’m using LCD screen. My Font settings are set to Subpixel Smoothing (LCD) and I only changed the DPI value to 96 (as was on Ubuntu) in stead of 99, which seem to have been the default after installation. When I change that back to 99 I keep having the same issue though.

I also noticed that it doesn’t seem to affect all fonts. For example, Monospace and Courier are heavily affected by it, while Courier New looks OK.

All in all it isn’t something life threatening, but when looking at it for a few hours it starts to bug me.