[oS11.0]Firewall setting after first reboot.


I don’t know if it is my fault, but after first shutdown / reboot (it could be done by #shutdown -r/-h now) my firewall was shut down. I made another one installation without plugged i-net cable and firewall was down too(did I configure net access - don’t remember).

What more can I say? IP by DHCP, ethernet. Logged on user account(roots for shutting(sometime), net usage).

Did someone from my local net crack me? Someone - for sure, but it may be done from somewhere else(why? Progress bar look changed to Win98 in YaST configuration UI. It was just a bug? Don’t think so).


Hekko there KarolK, welcome to the Forums.

Check in Yast that the firewall is configured to start at boot time and try again the boot.

GoTo Yast → Security and Users → Firewall → and set to “Enable Firewall Automatic Starting” and “Start Friewall Now”

That should protect you.


Another way to check if your firewall is not in “autostart” mode is :

chkconfig -l|grep SuSEfirewall

That will show you if the SuSEfirewall will start in any level.