OS X-like dockbar for KDE 4.2.1 ??


I’m searching for a nice and good looking OS X dockbar for KDE 4 since KXDocker stopped at KDE 3.5.

I found a real nice looking one for Karamba, but Karamba doesn’t run fine on KDE 4 en that version (Sigma Menu) is very clumsy (to add icons and shortcut you need to create them yourself and add them to a theme script).

What I want is a package like KXDocker (and not the project xqde, I tried that but it’s still in an early stage and doesn’t look productive) that is easy to configure, good looking and working in KDE 4.

Anyone some examples ? Please let me know.

Did you search at kde-look.org for “dock?” There are several that look similar. Cairo Oxygen dock, kde chat dock, ksmoothdock, Sigma dock and others.

I’m waiting for something to come into the opensuse repos before I try one again.

Me I added a new panel to KDE, popped some icons in it, set it to autohide and then I got a dock…
Its not an exact replicate of the OSX dock but its close enough.

I would be interested in an OSX-style dock, where the icons ‘zoom’ as you hover over them. Does a widget like this exist for KDE 4.2?

I think what @TaraIkeda is meaning is something like this in one of my screens. The Top panel auto-hides. It’s OK.


Not yet, but really I dont give a phrack about effects like that.
If it works it works, thats what matters to me.

Yup thats how I did it, A clean desktop with a modest panel set to autohide