OS won't read Netgear ethernet card.

Last week I installed openSuSE OS (version 12.1). Everything when well execpt one thing.
The OS can’t read the Netgear ethernet card (Netgear Ethernet PCI Adadpter GA311).
First, I have the ethernet card’s drivers cd. Using the OS, how do I install the driver.
Second, if this driver doesn’t work. Or, the installation is unsucessful,
where on the internet should I look for a good functioning driver?

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Open a terminal
Post result of

/sbin/lspci -nnk

If you are dual booting with Windows, it is suggested that you power down your PC, leave it off for a few minutes, then power back up and go straight into openSUSE and see if that makes any difference. Do this any time you are going from Windows to running openSUSE. I found a link about this in openSUSE 11.4 here:

SDB:Realtek 8169 driver problem - openSUSE

I don’t know that it has been fixed in 12.1, but perhaps it has not. I also wonder, since this network adapter is not said to even work with Linux, if a different network adapter might not be a better solution?

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OS won’t read Netgear ethernet card. Part Two.

I do not have open SuSE operating system with Windows OS.
SuSe is on the hard drive, all by itself.

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OS won’t read Netgear ethernet card. Part Two.
This is my first time using SuSE operating system.

I need insturction on how to open a terminal post?

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lspci_all.mpeg - YouTube