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I’m planning on storing my e-mails offline only. So I want to learn from your experiences ( not only for my purpose ) to consider the experience.

So We are not going to start a debate at least is not my intention so just say why is your e-mail client useful for you but more than just “I can read my messages on it” because if you use one that doesn’t so that I advice to stop using that one if reading e-mail sis what you want.

So in the main concept what I need is a “Mail manager” (but a client does some of the things I need ) that is compatible with 2 or three different mail services. If it can be extended with plug-ins GREAT but is not a requirement. The requirement is that what it offers just works.

Thank you for your attention.

I’m not sure what you are looking for. All email software is frustrating.

I’m an old time command line mail user, and MH was the bees knees for that. These days it is “nmh”. Frankly, it’s a bit buggy, but it works pretty well and is in the repos. There’s also a GUI, “exmh” also in the repos. I install that, though I don’t think I have even tested in for 13.1.

When I want GUI mail, I use “claws-mail” (also in the repos). It handles MH mailboxes pretty well. But I still mostly work at the command line with “nmh”.

With “nmh”, a mailbox is a directory, and a mail message is a single file in that directory. That’s very flexible for mixing command line tools with a GUI mail client. And it is easy to script.

We can focus on having more than one e-mail service support. I’m testing Evolution right now. How are your programs working with backups ?

Thank you nrickert

Mine are doing fine with backups.

Evolution worked pretty well when I last tried it, though that was several years ago. I seem to recall that there’s an internal backup option, to back everything up to a tar file.

I use Thunderbird.
I like the ability to have an integrated view of 3 different POP3 accounts and 3 different IMAP accounts as well.
I also use the Calendar feature, which integrates well with my online Google Calendar as well as some shared calendars as well.
Relatively easy to morph an email into a Calendar Event.
The email folder structure has become my primary personal organizer. Archive works OK as well.

I have a mix on on-line and off line email items.
I find it relatively easy to move my entire email environment from Desktop to Laptop when desired, such as summer holiday when the laptop becomes the primary interface.

If I could find a way to integrate the Address book with Google contacts, I probably would be out of things to ask for.

About 10 years ago, as I abandoned Windows and Outlook for Linux, I tried Evolution with mixed results (a VERY dated observation).
Liked Thunderbird enough to stick thru some buggy times, am very satisfied.

Good luck in your search.

Using KDE’s Kontact suite with kmail2 as a mail client. 6 IMAP accounts, 3 pop. In the same suite korganizer handles my calendar’s.

On 2014-02-01 16:36, checoimg wrote:
> Hi
> I’m planning on storing my e-mails offline only. So I want to learn from
> your experiences ( not only for my purpose ) to consider the experience.

The client is irrelevant. What is important is the server. Normally,
this means an IMAP server, offline, and somebody to supply and maintain
it. Ie, a service provider.

Once you have a service provider supplying you with an IMAP server, you
can just use ANY imap client to connect to it. And you can use several
clients, at the same or different times. Like today Thunderbird,
tomorrow evolution.

If the service doesn’t have imap, but something specific, you also need
an specific client.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 12.3 x86_64 “Dartmouth” at Telcontar)