OS crash after partitioning USB

Success!!! lol!

Got that miracle I was hoping for.

I followed your instructions exactly and it booted normally. I was able to then remove both USB’s (the original problem one and the one with the LEAP installation). Just rebooted to make sure it works, and success!

nrickert, thanks for your patience and detailed instructions. Time for me to go to bed as well. I’m going to be sleeping a lot better than last night.

Thanks again. rotfl!

I’m glad you have things back to working. And thanks for reporting back.

Last question and maybe the most important one… what did I do wrong here?

Any idea how I created this problem? Would like to learn a lesson here and avoid a repeat.

Apparently you set the USB’s to automount at boot that is why they where in the fstab which is all the stuff that mounts at boot.

I don’t really know.

You set the USB up for automatic mounting at boot. That was probably a mistake, because then you could not boot without it. If you really want it to automatically mount at boot, you should add “nofail” to the options list (or just to replace the word “defaults”). That way, the disk just won’t be mounted if there are any problems, so it won’t interrupt boot.

My guess is that somehow the “vfat” file system on that USB became corrupted. If you have a Windows system, you might want to plug the USB in there and run “CHKDSK /F” on that disk to fix any problems.

Ok. Thanks for the feedback guys.

I definitely did not intend to auto-mount that. I was attempting to make a bootable USB for my son. But there is a good chance I accidentally configured it that way.

I’m be more cautious in the future.