OS 13.2: Printing Landscape finally possible ?

Hi there,

is it now in OpenSuse 13.2 possible to print in Landscape ?

It simply does not work in 13.1 (the suggested work around is unusable for a normal user !!!) and the answer to my bug report was basically that all those naughty applications like KDE Help, LibreOffice, etc. are wrong and have implemented the Landscape feature in the wrong way, like almost 90% of the it industry. So it seems to be a kind of philosophical problem of the developers responsible for that “feature” …

Is it now solved in 13.2 ?

TIA for an answer, Joe

BTW. On the same hardware & printer server printing landscape works with Ubuntu and Win7 …

Unlikely for the reasons you already outlined. The CUPS developers blame the applications concerned… it definitely doesn’t affect all KDE applications, and it’s not openSUSE-specific either.


I have no problem if developers have different opinions about how a standard should be implemented. But then they should not do it on the back of users. A simple paramter which could be switched on or off between both interpreations would solve the problem for the user.

I hope that these kind of P.I.T.A.'s will not kill the LiMux project in Munich …


I can only suggest you chase the bug reports…

I have no problem printing landscape with Okular. So, if an application cannot do it natively for some reason, I simply export to PDF and use Okular.

Same here.


KDE Help, LibreOffice, FireFox, Okular, KOrganizer, … (could continue with several others) are not able to print in landscape mode in OpenSuse.

The only half-way “comfortable” method to print in Landscape seems to be to print into a PDF file in landscape mode and print the pdf file afterwards.

I suggest: We need a service that automatically print’s pdf-files found in a special subdir, so that a normal user has a bit of comfort printing files in landscape mode. Would be a real high-tech solution and a highlight for the next OS version, wouldn’t it ?

I have registered it as a bug (898141) on the 24.09.2014. It got closed :

…This is very likely not an issue in the printing system
but issues in the various application programs.

So obviously all the others have misunderstood the real logic of landscape printing! Let me get it straight: I don’t want to start here a technical or philosophical discussion about how landscape printing could be understood or misunderstood - I simply want a usable simple solution.

Thus I re-opened the bug and asked simply for a solution. Now this bug report seems to become dusty - one could get the impression that someone wants to ride it out !

Btw. As it got mentioned here, I have tried also Okular using a simple ODT file - it also was not able to print the text in landscape. That’s why I have added it to the list of applications which can’t print in landscape in OpenSuse/Cups.



change printer driver

Not always possible for reasons I outlined in another thread on this topic.

With LibreOffice I sympathise with your frustration. A while back the way to get LibreOffice to print landscape was to set the Print Options to Landscape and then make a minor change to the file so that the Landscape option got saved with the file. Then it would print landscape. Suddenly, this no longer works - but my suspicion, based on earlier experience, is that this is a regression in LibreOffice.

However, Okular is perfectly able to print in landscape; it cannot however rotate. If you want to print a landscape .odt, you must save it in landscape within LibreOffice (or Calligra Words). Then Okular will print it. This applies whatever program you use. For example, if you export a Scribus document as landscape, Okular will print it as landscape.

I don’t know about the OpenSuse 13.2. But you can automatically print documents, PDFs and JPG by FolderMill](http://www.foldermill.com/news/automate-printing-documents). You can try Free version of FolderMill 2.1 for evaluative purposes is available to be downloaded on its official website. I recommend it. It is must try software. :slight_smile: