OS 13.2: Printing Landscape finally possible ? Well yes..!

Hello! Maybe i should have continued on the tread already exist. I had some success on my Brother MFC7360n/Hp officejet G95 to print landscape in Libreoffice and okular.

Sins 2-3 weeks ago on my job and my laptop to connect a HP multi laser… At the place… No. Not working with openSUSE 13.2 to print landscape using hplip 3.14.6

I noticed that I could print landscape from different applications and computers after DL and installed Hplip 3.14.10.

In my case it have been 2 different PC’s against 2 (one old and one new) HP printers connect on 2 different Lan’s. Is has been working and delivering.

Please let me know if anybody else get it working then I or somebody can write a bugreport and suggest the newer package that gives a lot moore…


It is time to rotfl! at me again. I forgot that when DL newer hplip directly from HP to put the DL in a new/dedicated folder. I supposed to learn this at work but at my home DE I started the install of hplip in /home/xxx/Downloads… It gave me the new folders in Download:


And another free standing ~264 files at “root” in /home/xxx/Downloads… The time it took is almost as long as install openSUSE itself. Was it worth it? h**l yes. Be able to use HP printers in oS as they are supposed to used, i e print in landscape for a example. I will clean up/reinstall next weekend)