OS 13.2 KDE Right-Click Context Menu Customization

Is there any chance that we can personalize the right-click menu when we click on the KDE desktop?

Call me old fashioned but I like old days (era of Gnome 2) when you right-clicked and could open up a terminal from the context menu. I get the feeling that the GUI people are trying to depreciate the use of a terminal these days but for things I do the terminal is still king.

You can do this from Dolphin

But working from the ‘Desktop’ which is actually a widget, I don’t think so

Here are some tutorials for how to create so-called “service menus” in KDE:

And yes, they should also be shown when right-clicking on the “desktop”, i.e. the folderview widget.

You can find some already existing service menus here e.g.:
Or just go to dolphin’s settings->“Services” and click on “Get New Services”…

To configure what happens when you right-click on the desktop outside the folderview widget, choose “Default Desktop Settings” in the right-click menu or the toolbox icon, and switch to the “Mouse Actions” page.
You can modify the context menu to a certain degree, or you can e.g. make KDE display the application menu instead.
It’s not possible to just add an entry for Konsole e.g. though.

Another possibility would be to create a keyboard shortcut to launch Konsole (or any other application), use the menueditor for that.

And then there’s krunner of course, reachable via Alt+F2, or “Run Command” in the K-Menu and the desktop context menu.

@wolfi323: Those links are awesome. Thanks!