oS 13.1 tries to acces Internet via VPN connection


I’ve a working VPN connection, but everytime I activate it, the system wants to use this connection to access the Internet and that is not possible.
How can I configure the network not to use the VPN connection for internet access?

I assume you’re using network manager - you didn’t say. Anyway, I think what you’re trying to achieve is described well in this Ubuntu thread


In particular, post #6

Click on the Network Manager icon and choose “VPN Connections” → “Configure
VPN…”. Then choose the connection name and click “Edit”. Go to “IPv4
Settings” tab and click the “Routes” button at the lower-right corner.
Check off “Use this connection only for resources on its network”.

Sorry, I didn’t mention it: yes I’m using the network manager.

I’ve tried what was said in the thread, but sadly it changes nothing.

You’re asking about what is commonly called a “split tunnel” which is generally considered a serious security risk (Malware could enter through your local connection to the Internet which could then work its way through the VPN compromising the remote secure network).

You can probably find documentation about setting up a split tunnel for your VPN technology, but it’s frowned upon.

Instead, the administrators of your remote network should configure their default gateway for your VPN connection or you should simply disconnect from your VPN when you want direct access to the Internet.


Okay, thanks, I’ll try that.