OS 13.1: Problem with NIS server: Firewall setting raises an empty error message


I tried to setup a NIS server on our Gateway PX OS13.1 32bit) which has 2 physical network cards.

In the Yast Firewall Setup dialog for the NIS server I disabled the enp0S10 Network card (external) and kept the enp5S12 card on (internal)

This leads to an error message when one finalises the NIS setup and it tries to save the Firewall settings: “Error while running ypclient”
A second error message appears after the 1. one offering details, but the detail window is simply empty.

Any ideas what’s the problem with the firewall and the NIS Server ?

I used similar firewall dialogs on the same PC already for DNS, DHCP, SQUID etc. and it was working without a problem.
Is the NIS Server not able to work on a system with 2 nic’s ?

I manually allowed the NIS service in the firewall for the internal nic. Did not help.


Ok will have to survive without NIS.