OS 13.1, KDE, KWallet needing master password

Evidently when I configured my WLAN and specified its key, the data was stored in KWallet as encrypted. But now every time I boot I am asked for my master password for KWallet. I would like KWallet to not require a master password. I looked for KWalletManager on my system but I could not find it. How do I tell KWallet that I do not want to use a master password so I am not bothered entering it each time I boot ?

Try a empty Master-Password as I do.

Its in the systemsettings or as User:


From the launch menu, choose Configure Desktop

In there, first item top left, Account Details

Select the KDE Wallet icon on the left.

Bottom right of the page, Launch Wallet Manager

In there, right-click the Wallet icon.

Choose Change Password

Create a blank password.

I guess it is each time some user logs in. Not each time the system (not you) boots. It must be after login because KDE (and thus KWallet) only runs after some user loged in.

Further, see the answers above.