OS 12.1(kde) Mozilla OBS Firefox Update --> v.10 File Manager

I notice if you have Mozilla OBS and update to latest v. 10 Firefox

You loose the kde file manager in Firefox and get some lame Gnome/Nautilus Filemanager

On one install I rolled back and got kde manager back

Just FYI

That is an issue i guess. Thanks for the warning Caf, if this gets in the openSUSE 12.1 update repo i hope it does not behave like the one from the Mozilla Repo.

Yes. Next to useless and Butt ugly gnome file manager is not what kde users want to see.

That`s my point. :slight_smile:

Going to repeat my answer from the mailinglist:

We are aware of that and it’s even in the changelog (rpm -q --changelog

  • update to Firefox 10.0
  • KDE integration has been disabled since it needs refactoring

We were not able to port that feature to that version in time and I
decided to publish security updates without that feature instead of
waiting for a fix.
We will deliver the feature when it’s ready again.