OS 12.1 / iFolder 3.8.4: webaccess can't upload/download

Thought I would share this to possibly save others some frustration:
After upgrading to 12.1, the ifolder webacess client (ifolder3-enterprise 3.8.4 from OBS) stopped being able to upload or download files with HTTP 405 “Method not allowed” errors. The thick clients weren’t affected.
Troubleshooting was complicated because webaccess logging is currently broken. But the apache access_log had entries like:

PUT /simias10/Upload.ashx%3FiFolder=12345678-90ab-cdef-ba09-87654321Path=MyiFolder/DammIFolderSoFickle.txt HTTP/1.1" 405 2537 "-" "-"

The problem is in the URL that webaccess passed to the simias backend. When uploading or downloading files, the question mark (’?’) character that separates the URL from the arguments is quoted as %3F. The only place I’ve seen issue commented upon is in this blog entry about installing iFolder on RHEL 6. However, while the RedirectMatch solution proposed there fixed downloads, the issue persisted with uploads. Attempting to upload a file created an empty file, then either timed out or returned a “Server Storage out of space” error. But with that information I was able to get both uploads and downloads to work with mod_rewrite:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^[A-Z]{3,9}\ /simias10/(^/\%]+)\%3F(^\ ]+)\ HTTP/ [NC]
RewriteRule /simias10/.*$ /simias10/%1?%2 [NE,PT]

Now, I know I’m not using the obsolete 3.8.0 build that Novell provides for 12.1 (where’s the source for the 3.9 beta version Novell’s shipping with OES11?) But since this was a pain to troubleshoot I’m posting in case someone else runs into this issue. If the regexes can be improved or if there’s some mono setting I overlooked, please post.

A follow up – even with the above fix, I soon realized that iFolder webaccess and admin were only available until the first user logged out. Afterwards, access to any webaccess or admin page generated an error, which redirected to Error.aspx, which generated an error… until the browser caught on and said, “too many redirects” or something similar. The apache access_log had entries like: - - [15/Dec/2011:14:51:14 -0600] “GET /ifolder/Error.aspx?Exception=System.NullReferenceException%3a+Object+reference+not+set+to+an+instance+of+an+object%0a++at+System.Web.SessionState.SessionInProcHandler.GetItemInternal+(System.Web.HttpContext+context%2c+System.String+id%2c+System.Boolean%26+locked%2c+System.TimeSpan%26+lockAge%2c+System.Object%26+lockId%2c+System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateActions%26+actions%2c+Boolean+exclusive)+%5b0x00054%5d+in+%2fhome%2fabuild%2frpmbuild%2fBUILD%2fmono-2.10.6%2fmcs%2fclass%2fSystem.Web%2fSystem.Web.SessionState_2.0%2fSessionInProcHandler.cs%3a166+ HTTP/1.1” 302 672 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:8.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0”

The problem appears to be that ifolder is fickle about mono versions. After compiling opensuse 11.3’s mono 2.6.7 and related packages for 12.1 using the OBS (test at own risk!), I think I have a working iFolder & webaccess again.

Rats – Either I accidentally deleted my ifolder 3.8.4 OBS project mentioned in the previous post, or it “disappeared”. I don’t suppose anyone branched it…?

For anyone else who stumbles across this thread and hopes “maybe this is the answer I was looking for…”

Ultimately, it ended up being the solution above for me – the Mono version. The link above is dead, but I found shantikulkarni’s repos here:

Index of /repositories/home:/shantikulkarni:/ifolder/openSUSE_12.1

I needed these RPMs from his repository:


as well as the log4net RPM (the one that came with oS 12.2 worked fine.)

After uninstalling the mono v2.10 that came with oS 12.2 and reinstalling 2.6.7 (and removing the mod-rewrite entries (in the post above) from my Apache vhost,) so far everything seems to be working fine.

(I didn’t have to uninstall and reinstall the iFolder RPMs, just told YaST to break their dependencies, since I knew I’d be reinstalling Mono in a few minutes.) After installing the new (…er…old) RPMs and restarting Apache, all seems happy so far rotfl!


I do have iFolder working on openSuSE 12.2. You’ll want to grab the new 3.8.4 RPMs - you can get them, and some important install information here: