OS 11, KDE 4 - need to hit enter twice in konsole sometimes

Hi all,

In konsole, I sometimes have to hit the enter key twice to get something to happen.

Suppose at a prompt I type “whoami”
I then get a line feed, with a prompt as if I had never typed anything. Then I hit enter, and the result of the previous command appears.

What is going on here?

I think it’s a KDE4 thing. KDE4 is not really out of nappies yet. Lot’s needs fixing. Maybe you should report the bug.

But maybe someone will come along with a better answer.

I’ve been using KDE4 Konsole for some time now, and haven’t seen that behavior, so I agree it’s worth opening a bug. Before you do, please check to see if there are steps you can reproduce to make it happen reliably, that will help with the troubleshooting.


i’ve been having the same in beta-rc2 stages. now in GM it seems fine but I mostly run gnome again :wink:

You people need to change keyboards :)??