OS 11.3 on HP Pavilion dv7t works great

I tried visiting the link in the sticky, to report this, but it was empty.

Could you post the configuration here ? (Processor, etc.; I am about to order the dv7t or dv8t)

Sure: It was nothing special, intel i7, 8gb memory, 500GB hd, 1GB Raedon dedicated video, and it seems to come standard with an intel-chip wifi. Basically, everything was detected and activated correctly (including screen resolution, wifi, and the special function keys - screen brightness, volume, etc.) using the 11.3 live CD. It seems to work even better than my ProBook 4510s which I bought because it was supposedly compatable with SuSE (HP ships some versions with SuSE). I haven’t installed yet because of one minor issue - the OpenSUSE boot partition wants to be below 128GB. I’m trying to work that issue. boot loader below 128GB?
11.3 DVD indicates wrong HD size and a: Grub is living in a forbidden zone error.

Sounds much like my planned HP. I was wondering about the 128GB problem, and was also interested in the 2 x 320/2 x 500 drive configuration. The most serious concern on my part was the ATI Radeon graphics, due to many memories of 11.2 and ATI. It would seem that if the LiveCD worked with the ATI HD 5650, the full install should also, as I currently have 11.3 running happily on Intel and nV graphics.

Thanks for the reply!

I was told the 128GB problem only applies to older drives. Come to think if it, I had installed both 11.1 and 11.3 on my other HP computer at about the 400GB point, and no issues. I think maybe that message was just included in 11.3 (and maybe 11.2). Do they offer a two-disc-bay computer?? I’m waiting for the 1TB drives to come down - my 500GB laptop is beginning to have space problems. I’m going to go ahead and install 11.3 tonight. I noticed both Kubuntu and 11.3 worked just fine so I dont’ think there’s an ATI issue. I also have an ATI card on a 11.1 computer at work, and it’s fine. I think it’s only their really high-end graphics cards that have issues.

I was tempted to install Kubuntu Trinity (=KDE3) but I think they’ve finally got KDE4 up to the point that it includes almost all the features in KDE3. Plus, I love the OpenSuSE menu system - it’s very well organized into hierarchal trees which makes surfing the menu system easier. Also, I think OpenSuSE detected and supports the dv7t function keys and Kubuntu 10.06 didn’t… (not sure about that). Somebody also mentioned that Debian has a larger set of industrial strength applications in it’s repositories (for instance, it has Sage and Singular advanced computer algebra packages in standard repos). But I had trouble getting a system configured to build apps in Kubuntu - but it was easy in OpenSuSE.