OS 11.1 installation on vmware error: no hard disk found


When ever I try to install opensuse 11.1 on VMWare worksatation at my notebook or desktop machine (having windows xp) and as the installation probe for the hard disk in the begining of the installation, I get the error: No hard disk found, please check your hardware.

What could be the reason for that and how could it be fixed. On the other hand if I install opensuse 11.1 on direct on to the machine (without vmware), the installation goes fine.

Kindly guide.


Hello Every one,

The reason for this error was the old version of VMWare. I was previous using version 5.5, then I switched to version 6.5.1. When adding a new virtual macine to VMware, just choose Bus Logic in allocating disk space to it and it will work perfectly.