OS 11.1 beta4 x86-64 KDE liveCD no can has work

I just ran the zypper commands suggested to fix the OOo 3 no-start issue with beta 4. OOo 3 did indeed start, but when I rebooted I got a kernel problem (seems like it was trying to detect a non-existent microphone). Any I had been running zypper dup since beta1 or something, and figured some entropy built up, so why not start w/ a clean beta install?

So I downloaded the beta 4 x86-64 KDE liveCD. It has myriad problems:

  1. There is no option to install on the menu you get when booting.
  2. F1 Help lists a bunch of non-existent menu options, including install.
  3. the mediacheck option produced a checksum, and then says hit any key to reboot. Where’s the any key? Just kidding. No matter what I hit (on a usb keyboard attached via hub) nothing happens.

I can, however, boot to 11.1 beta 4 from the liveCD. However, my goal is to install to the HD.

David Strozzi