OS 11.0, OpenGL screensavers not full screen

Hi all,

After a default installation of opensuse, then installing the nVidia driver, and then enabling the screensavers, I find that the openGL screensavers do not run full screen, but instead run in a box in the top left corner (probably 1/4 screen), with the rest of the screen white.

Does anyone know a solution to this?

  • velocidex,

works fine with the driver from the NVidia repo on my 7600GT.
Make sure the driver used in your xorg.conf is “nvidia”
Try running the installer from the NVidia site instead of the one from the repo. There have been reports it is working better in some cases.


Hi, I have that same problem as well and am planning to make a bug report.

So once I make it then please confirm it.

I will post here with the link.

Here is the bug report, please confirm it:


I can confirm that nvidia is already listed as the driver in xorg.conf

confirmed on bugzilla.

Alright is everyone sure its cause of nvidia, anyone with a nvidia card having this? Cause they have close the bug here:


I can’t re open it till someone without a nvidia card says he or she has this problem.

If anyone with a webcam has this problem, then please confirm it:


On 06/22/2008 snakeeyes wrote:
> I can’t re open it till someone without a nvidia card says he or she
> has this problem.

The reason for closing the bug was, they don’t fix problems with the proprietary NVidia driver. The advice was contacting NVidia.

Did you try the NVidia installer from their page, as I suggested earlier in the thread?


the thing is it might not be related to nvidia but if it is then I will wait for the next beta driver then :slight_smile:

Alright I have to open this bug again but has anyone noticed it only happens in kde 4 and not 3.5.9 or gnome :confused:

I have experienced this on both nvidia and ati cards. Nvidia geforce4 and the ati is radeon 9000

is it only kde 4 or does this happen on all desktops?

Only with kde4.

alright then I will reopen it but do u have a novell bugzilla account cause people will have to give trace back and stuff…