Hello.Sorry for my bad english but is there a program that remove orphan files.Rpmorphan removes files that is not orphan and after running rpmorphan are there 33 updates and it is what rpmorpan has removed.I Ned a program that cleans everything that not part of programs on my laptop.This is my first on English so please bear over whit me.

Are you running out of disk space? Yast gives you an option to remove unneeded dependencies when removing a program (Options->Clean up when deleting packages). I don’t think there’s a reliable way to remove all orphans, but these shouldn’t give you any problems other than taking some disk space, usually not very much at that.

Welcome to the forums. If you have installed openSUSE in the normal way and installed all the software you want using YaST or zipper, you should have no orphan programs. I suggest you stop using rpmorphan as it does not understand how openSUSE updates your computer to keep it secure.

Thank you and i will do that in the future