orinoco_cs instead of hostap_cs?

With OpenSUSE 11.1 orinoco_cs is loaded instead of hostap_cs for my Prism based wireless card?

I thought I read the orinoco_cs driver was blacklisted? Anyway my wireless card does work fine. I just don’t understand why both drivers are loaded? I am happy to use the orinoco driver since it does work but would perfer to use hostap_cs. Note Puppy Linux uses hostap_cs and creates a wvlanX device instead of a ethX device.

Current driver:
:/sys/class/net/eth1/device/driver/module/drivers # ls
pcmcia : orinoco_cs

Modules loaded:

lsmod | egrep ‘(orin|host)’

hostap_cs 52960 0
hostap 99296 1 hostap_cs
ieee80211_crypt 5212 1 hostap
orinoco_cs 13576 1
orinoco 37292 1 orinoco_cs
hermes 6612 2 orinoco_cs,orinoco
pcmcia 32856 2 hostap_cs,orinoco_cs
pcmcia_core 33188 5 hostap_cs,orinoco_cs,pcmcia,yenta_socket,rsrc_nonstatic

Wireless card id
#/sbin/pccardctl ident

Socket 1:
product info: “D”, “Link DWL-650 11Mbps WLAN Card”, “Version 01.02”, “”
manfid: 0x0156, 0x0002
function: 6 (network)