orginal DVD with some extra offline repository -Leap 15


Is there any way (not using Suese Stido Express) to add my own repository to orginal DVD and to perform installation using my additional packages without internet connection?

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I don’t actually know the answer. But it would probably be difficult.

If you install from a USB (writing the install iso to the USB), then after creating the USB you can probably add your own repo as an additional partition on that USB.

There is a point where you can add network repos for the install. You can probably also add disk repos at that point. But I have not tried this, so I don’t know whether it can actually work. But if you want to experiment …

The other alternative would be to do a minimal install from the DVD, then use your own repo (plus the repo on the DVD) to expand the installed system.

The problem is that i need to create offline DVD / iso and installation from this DVD should be without any user interruption - automatic install…

there is no problem with standard packages which are actually on a DVD but if you want to add your own…

Your description is not quite clear to me. When that extra software is not on the DVD, where should it be then in your situation when there is also no network?

I need to prepare an offline ISO with additional packages like - mono libqt htop any many more - which are not on orginal DVD ISO by default

This iso will installed from usb key on a destination physical machine without internet connection

The end user will only have usb with my customized ISO and system should be installed using autoyast without
any user interaction - just plug usb key, choose installation and thats all

That explains a lot, thanks. I understood different because you talk about the DVD and the DVD is already almost full, but on an USB memory stick that is of course different.

I have no direct solution, but assume that either adding the packages to one of the repos on the ISO, or adding an additional repo could be ways to go.

a can add my packages to official repo catalog on DVD/ISO - the problem is that installer will not recognize those packages… when i use createrepo i receive an error - repomd.xml is not signed if you want to continue press yes - and that will work but i don’t want any interaction from the end user

plug , play, and forget

Don’t know why you don’t want to use Studio, that is the obvious way to create a custom install image.