Organizing Desktop Icons

As you can see, the Steam/Gimp/Chromium icons are out of the grid. I couldn’t find a way of organizing desktop icons on the grid, is there a way of doing so?

SUSE Paste

I think your choices beyond manual manipulation is to use folder view OR do as I do and put up the Desktop Widgets. In fact I often determine the application setup and create my own icon in the desktop Widget over placing them on the Plasma (Default) Desktop.

See Desktop Widget in top Left hand corner of My Desktop. This has the desktop with the widget in the top left corner. The problem is icons on the Plasma Desktop still work the same as yours, but you can manually create them into the Desktop Widget after looking at the icon info on the Plasma Desktop. Or, you just switch to the Folder View setting I guess.

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It would bee nice if you next time post the version of openSUSE you use and that you use KDE. Much better then that we have to load your picture and guess those things from looking at it :wink:

Didn’t know it’s such a big deal to open a picture :wink:

It is the accepted norm in the openSUSE forum to specify (and to expect to see) your exact Desktop, openSUSE version, bit setup and anything else pertinent to your installation with no need to guess those details. For good help the first time, be specific on the openSUSE copy you are using to get the best help possible.

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Well since this is such a simple task that doesn’t require system specs I didn’t think it was needed since opening the image shows that I’m using openSUSE 12.3. I’ll post the specs next time.